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—If I ask you to imagine a beach, how would you describe what happens in your mind? If you reread the , you’ll find it’s heavy on ideas (what if a lawyer had a clock that counted money not time? I love the writing and hate the imagining, which is why I churn out 50 dry essays for every nugget of fiction.

We started a thread to compare our tics and quirks—it’s a lot of “YES! If you have radiant blue eyes, I may have stored that information.

I’ve heard a lot of talk recently about accessibility issues on the internet, and how that doesn’t mean catering for ‘just blind people’.

That’s true, and I back what most people are saying wholeheartedly - but that’s not what this blog is about.

For our first outing, we would sit across from each other and ask and answer a list of 36 increasingly personal questions that had been devised by psychologists to foster closeness between perfect strangers like us.

I formed a corporation this year, and I'm the president, my mother is vice president, my father is secretary and my grandmother is treasurer, my uncle is on the board of directors, and they got together the first week, and they tried to squeeze me out.

I formed a power block with my uncle and we sent my grandmother to jail.

Brain scans showed the visual sectors didn’t activate this time. Thinking about a beach doesn’t make me feel calm; thinking about a tarantula doesn’t give me goosebumps. What if there was a hairy monster that coughs out cupcakes? I don’t remember if I could visualize before this, but then, I don’t remember much in general. A psychology professor’s survey of 2,500 people in 2009 suggested it affects 2%, but there haven’t been enough rigorous studies. If you think you’re affected, email the head of the Exeter research team, Professor Adam Zeman, to join his effort.

In f MRIs of other men, many of the same sectors activated whether the subjects were looking at a photo or simply imagining one. I walked in a doe-eyed human; at Tony Blair, the pustules sprouted; by the end, my voice had cracked and I breathed fire. I can’t “recall” the taste of pizza, the feel of velcro, or the smell of Ghirardelli Square. In my surveys, mental imagery and audio were most common, followed by the ability to trigger a feeling in response (the No, or I don’t recall them. I’ve done so as well, and I’m looking forward to getting MRI results and funding future research.

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