Cfagent not updating

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My problem: cfengine3 policies are manually created/updated on the server (policy hub), and the clients regularly (every ~ 5 minutes) pull those from the server:/var/cfengine/masterfiles to their respective someclient:/var/cfengine/inputs (as they should). An updated file in the server may not be reflected in the clients until a good while later.It can be 30 minutes or more until it suddenly "sees" the update.Each managed client will retrieve this rule file and then execute the rules locally. The server itself will be able to force "pushes" of this file, and thus execute the rules upon any of the managed clients, either individually or en masse. This means that the server's public key must be copied to the client, and the client's key must also be known to the server. My apologies for the long delay since the last tip!

I have checked with tcpdump that each client is in fact communicating with the master server via the cfengine port (5308) every 5 minutes.

When a new client is installed, it needs to be told which machine is the policy hub to which it should connect.

This is done using the following command: You should, of course, replace with the actual IP address of the hub to which you want to bootstrap.

In CFEngine Enterprise, the hub has a more complex role, acting also as an aggregator of data from the clients, for the purposes of reporting and analysis.

All CFEngine clients will copy to their local in the policy hub, so that is where you should make any changes that you want distributed to all the machines.

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