Polygamist dating meaning

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It freed me from over 5 years of scrutinizing my internal and external worlds, looking for what was wrong. After more than a decade of struggling with relationship issues, I saw that the trouble might well be less with me (or with my partners or with not choosing or being chosen by the "right" partner) than it was with a simple mismatch between me and monogamy, or the institution of marriage as we know it.

My professional training, my spiritual education and my personal philosophy all pointed in the opposite direction – that maturity and peace came with tempering the will through acceptance of and skillful working with the reality of one’s circumstances.

It resolved my lifelong sense that my sexual feelings were at once wonderful and out of synch with accepted societal norms.

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In the global context, acceptance of polygamy is common.Yet my insight and my gut rang with the truth that the circumstance called was what needed to bend. I scanned my sexual and relationship history from the point of view of a polygamous and sexually awake woman moving through a monogamous and generally sexually repressed world. I began to explore the world of sexual relationship before my 15th birthday. Together, the three of us, we were happy and alive. Tom, naturally, felt left out when we got married without him. Sex with Steven was not good – marrying him was a death sentence for my sex life – but we had such great head love.What follows are some snap-shots from this history. From the beginning I had the experience of, on the one hand, being completely at home, happy, peaceful, self-confident when I was making love with a man and, on the other hand, knowing that I was violating social and cultural rules and taboos, and there would be a price to pay for this disparity. Tom and I had been lovers once, but "of course" the sex had to stop when Steven and I got married. I thought because we shared ideals and good intentions everything would be all right.The offense of willfully and knowingly having more than one wife or husband at the same time.The offense of willfully and knowingly entering into a second marriage while validly married to another individual is bigamy.

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