Rob pattinson dating kristen stewart celebs dating hockey players

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, an alleged source close to the couple has claimed that since they did not get any success in their individual films, the former couple is thinking to get back together to save their failing careers.

Wachsberger stated that it is a possibility that they come up with a new film, but he also pressured on the fact that at the end of the day, it is Stephenie Meyer’s story and it’s all up to her.

was a game changer for everyone involved in the project.

“Robert Pattinson only came in three weeks before shoot,” says Wachsberger.

Well, Rob has – Kristen is still supposedly pining after Rob, and would get back together with him in a heartbeat if he agreed. It’s been two years and the guy still hasn’t found an official rebound girlfriend, nor has Kristen found a boyfriend.

Yes, he’s had plenty of flings and hookups and one-night stands, but no actual relationship.

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