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But don't worry, all the planning is definitely worth it.

Prom is often one of the most memorable nights of high school!

It was such a big part of every fall semester in High School, that I couldn’t believe people in other states didn’t do it as well. It started out several decades ago as a simple chrysanthemum gift from a boy to a girl.

The tradition is for the guy to give his date a mum.

For many guys, prom is the very first time you'll be on a formal date. A date to any school dance is a little more involved than a casual date that consists of pizza, a movie or a bowling alley.

There's a bit more effort that goes into prom date planning, and you'll have to plan at least a few weeks in advance.

Guys also wear smaller mums on their arms called garters.

Normally they’re made to match the mum that the girl was wearing.

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