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It an honor to give a good comment not negative but positive comment.i respect for ,so i will see you the next day, week, month maybe a years so i can see improvement. Oh don't post the video that i comment or posts if you like to or not bye.And selamat tinggal.Hey ken can you change subscribe me cinnamontoastken because hmm....New You Tube glitch allows channels to lose thousands of subscribers a second and enter the negatives.Tana Mongeau down 30k subs in a matter of hours, Black Screen TV down 20k and currently sitting on -600 subscribers!On the website she posted some topless photos of herself and some masturbation videos to prove she would make a great girlfriend.She prefers men with long blonde hair and hates beards.

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She preaches often on adopting pets from shelters (however she got her 2 dogs from a breeder then gave one up like an unwanted toy).

His brother Kevin also has his own You Tube channel called Public Nintendo Collector.

He has been doing a podcast series with Pew Die Pie, referred to as the "Bro Ken Podcast".

This is mainly a whole hour or more of them talking about random topics.

The podcast also features a special guest who will be joining them, such as Cryaotic (Podcast #3), The RPGMinx (Podcast #5), Yogcast Strippin (Podcast #6), Markiplier (Podcast #7), Jacksepticeye (Podcast #8), and Yogcast Martin (Podcast #9).

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