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There are so many odd openings in Nick Nolte - that he made his first movie when nearly 35, an age at which Tom Cruise has done 20; that he is pursued by, yet in pursuit of, demons; that he suggests a brutishness, a morose energy, while keeping the wistfulness of a small boy gazing from beneath hunched, scar-tissue eyebrows; that he taught himself to read only in his twenties (and stills reads slowly); that he disturbs a lot of people beyond his three ex-wives; and that he is nominated this year as best actor and might have been as best supporting actor too.Yet he could fail to win, because he has not come all the way yet, or done with the painful journey of being himself. This is a dangerous man, an actor you can hear breathing - who makes you feel like the last air left in the room.Shelton is a director who never gets enough praise for eliciting terrific performances from his cast.Look at Kevin Costner in But he was on a hiding to nothing when the casting gods threw Ford in with Josh Hartnett on the movie.You have heard that he isn't charming, or comfortable. If only someone would put him in a play, set in Ketchum, Idaho, on that morning when Ernest Hemingway came downstairs alone, talking to himself, and then managed to trigger a gun with his toes.For Nolte could get the grandeur and the bogusness, the terrible fearful act, all in the same moment. Or is that part of the lying he's found as hard to abandon as alcohol?Anyone who lives with Nick Nolte must accept his ups and downs and appreciate Nick's need for times of withdrawal.Nick Nolte is also very sympathetic and understands the unspoken feelings and needs of others.

Nolte is six foot one, and he can easily get up to 250 pounds, but he is reportedly small as Noltes go - he has a sister as big as he is.All those descriptions are valid, and part of his remarkable tension - that he understands how a man can be simultaneously a lion and a wreck.Nick Nolte's voice can shift from gruff menace to whimper on one word; his body can collapse from wrestler to infant in a puff. He is on view, or will be soon, as both a dumb bastard - as a country cop and a man trapped in the genetics of violence - and as a colonel at Guadalcanal, a ranting, pleading hanger- on to real troops, longing for medals and respect. (In Affliction, the former film, he is only six years younger than the actor playing his father, James Coburn.) But Nolte still seems young, for he has that denial in American manhood that dreads age.He has high hopes that the show will be re-elected for a second season.Among those who turned out for the premiere and after-party were Bobby Flay, Lionsgate’s Sandra Stern and Chris Selak and actress Brenda Vaccaro.

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